McCrory School District #12



Jeff Reeves, President
Sean Williams, Vice President
Bobby Best, Secretary
Craig Reeves, Board Member
Lynn Simmons, Board Member


Barry Scott, Superintendent
Lincoln Daniels, High School Principal
Deborah Runyon, Elementary Principal
Janet Rudick, Curriculum & Federal Coordinator


Karen Broughton, Superintendent’s Secretary
Angie Frymire, High School Principal’s Secretary
Jessie Harston, High School Counselor’s Secretary
Tabitha Ayers, Elementary Principal’s Secretary

 District Staff

Cydney Stovall, Bookkeeper
Donna Kruse, Lunch Director
Bryan Lowery, Technology Coordinator
Phillip Millwee I, Chief Technician
Jamie Ferrell R.N., Nurse

 Other District Employees

Blake Whitby, Maintenance Head
Max Long, Maintenance Assistant
Charles Morris, Bus Mechanic
Allener Poindexter Brown, High School Custodian
Chris Deberry, High School Custodian
Linda Smith, High School Custodian
Kathy Campbell, Elementary Custodian
Joann Davis, Elementary Custodian
Patricia Whitmore, Elementary Custodian/Cafeteria

 Cafeteria Staff

Vickie Barnett, Elementary
Dora Browning, Elementary
Judy Gaskin, High School
Maranda Hankins, High School
Mary Jo Millwee, High School
Cathy Parker, Elementary
Judy Seagraves, Elementary
Sara Vest, High School
Devyon Watts, High School

 Bus Drivers and Routes

Glen Campbell, Dinosaur, Patterson (a.m.)
John Bearden, Dinosaur, Patterson (p.m.)
Vicki Barnett, Sailboat, Hilleman & White Hall
Chris Kennon, Umbrella, Fair Oaks & Pumpkin Bend (a.m.)
Stanley Ball, Umbrella, Fair Oaks & Pumpkin Bend (p.m.)
Charles Morris, Bear, Hwy 64B & Sands Apts
Max Long, Butterfly, 145 South (a.m.)
Rodney Kidwell, Train, Duffel
Ronnie Massanelli, Airplane, 145 South (p.m.)